Mission Statement

Lutheran Lakeside Camp nurtures personal spiritual growth by providing unique opportunities to experience the love and community of Jesus Christ in a joyful environment.

We welcome all people to experience Christian community and grow in faith, rooted in a spacious lakeside setting.




LutheranLake Congregational Day Camp Registration Begins MONDAY – Don’t miss out! http://t.co/wqv8MroFiY
LutheranLake Congregational Day Camp Registration Begins MONDAY - Don't miss out! http://t.co/1YwX1DYV8P
LutheranLake Annual Meeting AT Lakeside http://t.co/jLQhEHWazb
LutheranLake Men’s Fishing & Golf Retreat http://t.co/IhPrl70ZoJ
LutheranLake We Have Doors! – ALL Are Welcome Campaign Update http://t.co/W1ZGXD1uqy
LutheranLake FALL FAMILY FUN DAY – Don’t miss out! http://t.co/KULbDQ21LA
LutheranLake Campers & Pastors – We need YOUR help too! http://t.co/yHkkztU81I
LutheranLake Parents – We need your help! http://t.co/j3eNKI3XNP
LutheranLake Ready to Reconnect? Camper BLAST! http://t.co/cWB4YSAfKj
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