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         The Camp Corner is a virtual way to experience Lakeside! We realize that most people in our Lakeside family are currently experiencing changes in their day-to-day lives, as well as uncertainty and isolation. Our mission is to be a place of belonging for all people to find joy and purpose in God’s creation, and we have recently spent a lot of time thinking of all the ways we could fulfill our mission, serve, and support you, our Lakeside family, from a distance. This is how the idea of the Camp Corner came to life. On this page, we will post all of our videos. We hope that they are a source of joy, hope, and peace. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Camp Corner, we would LOVE to hear your ideas! You can submit your ideas here:

Camp Sunday - Temple Talk
Camp Sunday - Children's Sermon
Live 1 - Introduction
Live 2 - Name that Song!
Live 3 - Nature Hike
Live 4 - Get Crafty!
Live 5 - Be Mindful
Live 6 - Worship
Live 7 - Community Unity
Live 8 - Brittney's Interview
Live 9 - Z's Interview
Episode 10 - Build More S'mores
Episode 1 - Sing-a-Long
Episode 2 - Graces & Return of Thanks
Episode 3 - Storytime
Episode 4 -Tasty Snack
Episode 5 - Devotional
Episode 6 - Favorite Things
Episode 7 - Bracelet Tutorial
Episode 8 - Summer Staff
Episode 11 - Pam's Interview
Episode 13 - Jeanne's Interview
Live 10 - Final Worship

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