Week of Health and Healing
June 27 to July 2, 2021

Arrival will be from 3-4pm on Sunday. After you register you'll receive a packing list and other important information.
If you have questions you can call the office at 712.336.2109 or email brittney@lutheranlakeside.com 
We look forward to giving you a fun and relaxing week on the lake! 


Pastors and their families from Western Iowa Synod. 

We have room for 10 individuals to commute and do the education piece from 9am to 12pm.

Pastors from other synods are welcome, but do not qualify for the grant. 

Families without pastors are welcome, but do not qualify for the grant funding. 


Spend a week at camp with Bishop Lorna Halaas and Pastor Judy Johnson. The emphasis will be on emotional, mental, and spiritual health after Covid19.  

Families and individuals will get time for reflection, fun, relaxation, time in creation, growth, and resources to handle life at church post pandemic!


Mornings will be age specific. Children will break up into their specific groups and go with counselors. Adults will have their sessions with the different leaders. 


Afternoons are time for families to relax, engage, and bond through camp wide activities like the pool, lake, hiking, biking, crafts and more. 


Evenings are a time for community. We'll have campfire worship, music, and fellowship. 


Thanks to grant funding a modern room is $200 and a rustic cabin is $100 for the whole week! 

This price includes all lodging, meals, education, and activities.


Spaces are LIMITED! Register today.  You'll need to create an account or login to an existing one. Select the week and complete your forms. Then Check out and get ready for a great week!

If you'd like to commute for the morning session 9am to 12pm it is free. You do have the option for a $5 lunch. Registration is the same.