The Renovation

Our cabins are the heart of our camper's experience and they make a week at camp an adventure. These cabins have been around for 60 years and have served us well. In recent years Jerusalem has developed a roof leak and the damage from that forced our hand to act now or demolish the building in the near future. 

Fortunately for Jerusalem, when a wonderful and generous (anonymous) family found out about the situation they offered to help fund a renovation.

After the renovation Jerusalem will be usable for 3 season with temp control. There will be 5 bunk beds,  a single bed, and a queen bed. We are closing one of the entrances to add a small kitchenette area with an apartment sized fridge, counter, cupboards, and a sink. There will be 2 private showers, 2 private toilet stalls, and lots of storage. Outside we will expand the deck and cover it, adding a picnic table and grill. Jerusalem will have it's own firepit and parking spot as well! 

This renovation is scheduled to be done by the first week of camp and we are excited to share it with our campers all summer! We know everyone would like to stay here, so we are using a lottery system to assign the cabin group to the space each week. 

We will post weekly progress updates on social media and our website. Be sure to follow the progress and get an inside look when it's all done. 

Reserve Today

We intentionally designed Jerusalem to accommodate campers, families, youth groups, adults, and large groups. If you'd like to visit camp and stay in our newest most modern cabin you can reserve it on weekends or after our campers are done for the summer. 

Jerusalem will be $150 per night and you'll have access to our 110 acres, 3.5 mile of nature trails, basketball courts, gaga ball, human foosball, sand volleyball, rec barn, waterfront, and more. 

To make your reservation or check on availability email or call 712-336-2109

Looking Ahead

We have 13 cabins, 3 tree houses, and 2 unit lodges in our 3 camper villages. The board is working on a master site plan and long term vision to determine what the future of all the facilities will be. We are hopeful to have the plan done this year so we can share with everyone what facilities will be renovated next, when, and how. 

Once we know how we want to proceed with all the other spaces we will start campaigning to raise funds for those projects. If you'd like to give now to ensure future renovations can happen, you can give now and we'll hold the funds until we are ready to move forward. 

The future of Lakeside looks bright and slightly more modern!! We will be sure to keep you informed as we continue to improve all our facilities. Thank you for your continued support to make great ministry happen. 



The adopt a cabin program has been a huge benefit to our cabins and campers, this renovation was not funded by the adopt a cabin program. We are grateful to our cabin adopters, who have made many upgrades and improvements possible. Like all new camper mattresses, updated bathrooms, fixed doors, new screens, firepits, and many other small upgrades to make the cabins more comfortable and functional.

Every update from the Adopt-A-Cabin will be transferable to any new buildings. We are still hopeful to find 8 more cabin adopters in 2021. 

A cabin adoption is an $1,100 commitment over 3 years. Your name will be placed on a cabin and you can renew your adoption as many times as you'd like to continue improving the camper spaces. To adopt a cabin today or get more information email or call 712-336-2109. 

Progress Updates:

April 28th: Announced Renovation, all materials have been ordered.


May 5th: Demo has started!!