lend a helping hand at lutheran lakeside camp!

Volunteer At Lakeside

We’re so thankful for all of our volunteers here at Lutheran Lakeside Camp! Without the consistent hard work of the faithful servants of God we would not be where we are today. So, thank you for your interest in volunteering with us and we look forward to connecting with you further!

Who Can Volunteer

Individuals, families, groups, and congregations are welcome to help!

We’ve had:

  • Grandparents/Parents

  • High School Mission Trips

  • Youth Groups

  • Church Groups

  • School groups

  • Businesses

  • Families

  • Adult Mission trips

  • Scout Troops

  • Congregations

  • Retired Individuals

Frequently we’ll have a group of adults from a congregation come to volunteer while the pastor and confirmation campers are here. This allows for relationship building and cross generational ministry. 


When To Volunteer

Volunteers are needed all year and can help for a few hours, a few days or a whole week. Some volunteers come regularly and help 10 or  more hours a week. 

If you want to make a difference with your time we welcome you to Lakeside. 

We provide volunteers with modern comfortable housing and meals as needed. 

If volunteers are present during camp, they are invited to worship and other activities like the pool or waterfront. 

Ways to Volunteer

Whatever your interest or skill is we can find a way to put it to use at Lakeside. Volunteers get to pick what they help with. They can pick from property jobs (mowing, painting, building), program jobs (leading worship, crafts, games, staff training), kitchen help, house keeping, or office work. 

We can find low impact and indoor projects to accommodate all abilities. 

We’ve had individuals take drone videos, use their CNC machines to make signs, use their creativity to make custom worship banisters, and much more. 

If you have a skill, we can use it! 


How To Volunteer

Step 1: Tell us you want to come. We’ll figure out the who, when, and what together. 

Step 2: Pick your project or area to help with. This is done with Lakeside staff after we learn about your skill set and interests. 

Step 3: Fill out and bring your forms. Using the link below, print and fill out forms for each individual. 

To reach out about volunteering call 712.336.2109 or email campdirector@lutheranlakeside.com