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No Open Year Round Positions at this time

2023 Summer Positions

2023 Summer Staff Application

Join our Summer Team to help us live our our mission of providing our campers with a place of belonging where ALL people can find joy and purpose in God’s creation.

ALL positions can be used for internships if you are interested please email campdirector@lutheranlakeside.com to request an alternative job description to be catered towards your major. 

Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors are directly involved with campers. They are the immediate supervision of our campers on site. Sing songs, play games, act out silly skits, teach our campers about God’s infinite love and grace, and being present as we help guide their faith formation. Camp counselors engage with all campers making everyone feel loved and included. Must be 18 or older.

Assistant Program Director

Assistant Program Directors (APDs) are essential for the summer program to happen. Four APDs are required for us to constantly be prepared for anything. Each APD has their own focus; Waterfront, Adventure, Day Camp, and Health. While not limited to their focus areas APDs are the leadership team and the first go to for counselors and support staff. APDs make the program happen smoothly and assure our campers stay safe, have fun, and are being engaged with.

Support Staff

Support Staff is the glue that holds it all together. Help set up games, participate in worship, assist in the kitchen, clean, and a bunch more valuable behind the scene jobs to make camp happen. Support staff will often help out with day camp and provide supervision and engagement to our campers that do not stay overnight.

Day Camp Counselor

Day Camp Counselors are with campers for our onsite day camp. This program for 1st-6th graders runs from Monday-Thursday. Day Camp Counselors do not have a cabin overnight but can join overnight camp when their campers leave for the day.

Media Coordinator

Capture it all. Media Coordinator will be responsible for taking photos and videos of all the happenings at camp. The Media Coordinator takes over our social media during the summer showcasing camp and all the fun that can be had at Lakeside.