Summer Camp 2024

Registration Cost goes up on March 1st.
Sibling Discount: $15 off per week for each additional sibling.
Multi-Week Discount is $15 off each additional week.
**Family Camp Discount: 15% off for First Time Family Campers
At Lutheran Lakeside, our campers enjoy time in a welcoming community that embraces them for who they are. Campers are given unique opportunities to try new things, challenge themselves, enjoy creation, make friends, and grow in their faith. We use Challenge by Choice. Campers get to decide how they challenge themselves with the support and encouragement of camp staff and peers. This allows for individual campers to experience personal growth, connection, faith formation, and leads to long term benefits such as confidence, independence, ability to share faith, leadership skills, problem solving, and more! The shorter way we say all of this is camp is the BEST.WEEK.EVER!
What makes camp special is the experiences and participatory community. Campers can look forward to participating in the following activities while building life long connections with the people around them: ​
  • Waterfront

  • Boating

  • Canoeing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

  • Sailing

  • Fishing

  • Swimming Pool

  • Human Foosball/9 Square/Gaga Ball

  • Prayer

  • Rock Climbing

  • Zip Lining (6th Grade and Up)

  • Low Ropes Challenge Course

  • Archery

  • Escape Room

  • Nature Trails/Hiking

  • Prayer Labyrinth

  • Biking

  • Bible Study

  • Roller Skating

  • Carpet Ball/Ping Pong/Foosball

  • Crafts

  • Disc Golf
  • Tie Dye

  • Bonfires/Smores

  • Campfire Worship

  • Large Group Games

  • Canteen

  • Devotionals

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Little Lakers

*Previously called God’s Little Sprouts

3-5 Years Old (at the time of camp)

June 17-20 | July 8-11

Little Lakers is a morning day camp for preschool-aged campers. Campers spend their mornings enjoying games, nature, crafts, adventures, stories, and making friends with other young campers. Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon.

*Adults are invited to stay at no cost.

By March 1st $70
After $80

Adventurer Day Camp

Entering Fall of 24
1st-6th Grade

June 10-13 | June 17-20 |June 24-27

July 8-11 | July 15-18 | July 22-25 | July 29-Aug. 1

Outside is the BEST way to spend your summer!

Our Adventure day camp is great for elementary-aged kiddos who need a positive, safe, and structured way to spend their summer days. Day camp helps introduce the idea of overnight camp and builds the confidence in campers to one day be an “overnight” camper.   

Each week will have a variety of activities that will keep campers engaged week after week. Mornings are spent in small groups doing fun activities, games, education, exploration, and adventures. Afternoons are filled with large camp wide activities and choice time. 

Day camp runs Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm. Breakfast and Lunch included.

Come for 1 week or all 7!
Multi-week and Sibling discounts available.

By March 1st $175
After $200

Camp At A Glance​

Youth Groups K-5th

June 26 | July 31

This is an opportunity for youth groups!  Come to camp with your kids and adults and get to experience a day of camp. Enjoy time at the lake, crafts, camp worship, low ropes, rock climbing, games, and end with S’mores. Campers will build relationships, gain confidence to return as a camper on their own, and will have a TON of FUN! 

*1 adult to 6 youth ratio required. Adults attend for free.  

Lunch and Optional Dinner included. 

9:30am-5:30pm Times can be flexible based on the group’s needs. 



*Previously called Little Lakers

Entering Fall of 24
2nd-4th Grade

June 23-25 | July 28- 30

Younger Elementary aged kiddos are invited to a half week of exploration. Explore faith, nature, and what you’re capable of. These few days is a great way to introduce overnight camp and still allow a camper to grow and explore in so many ways. Campers can look forward to campfires, time on the lake, making friends, crafts, music, games, and more. Even in just a couple days they will still have the BEST.WEEK.EVER!

By March 1st $230
After $255


*Previously Called Juniors 

Entering Fall of 24
4th-6th Grade

June 9-14 | June 23-28

July 21-26 | July 28- Aug. 2

Elementary aged campers are invited to spend a week at camp cultivating their faith, relationships, and self confidence. Campers have unique opportunities to challenge themselves, build confidence and independence while learning important skills like team building, communication, problem solving, and relying on God. This week at camp really empowers your camper to know they are capable of ANYTHING!

Invite a friend or family member to enhance the camp experience.

By March 1st $430
After $480


*Previously named Confirmation Camp and/or Junior High Camp 

We have removed our “specialty camps” and will now incorporate elements from previous specialty camps into our TrailBlazers program that will be offered multiple times throughout the summer. 

Previous specialty camps include Wilderness, Night Owls, Sailing, and Creation.  

Entering Fall of 24
6th-9th Grade

June 9-14 | June 23-28

July 21-26 | July 28-Aug. 2

TrailBlazers spend the week unplugging, de-stressing, and bonding with peers. They get to challenge themselves, try new things, have fun, make friends, and learn important life skills. This week also  gives campers the opportunity to explore their faith alongside peers, youth directors, and pastors. Pastors and youth leaders have an interactive role during the week and experience parts of camp alongside the campers. 

*Campers can come with or without a church leader.

By March 1st $430
After $480


*Previously Called Leadership Camp 

Entering Fall of 24
10th-12th Grade

June 9-20 

High School students are invited to this exclusive 2 week opportunity. The first week will be full of adventures, building relationships, challenging yourself, and becoming more comfortable with the day to day happenings of camp. The weekend will be an opportunity to review safety procedures, learn necessary camp skills, and see “behind the scenes” of camp staff life. The second week you’ll get to assist with Rainbow Family Camp and Day Campers (k-5th graders). You’ll join staff meetings, have the opportunity to lead games, worship, bible study, and change lives. 

Campers will develop the following skills: 

  • Leadership 
  • Communication
  • Problem solving 
  • Time management 
  • Public speaking
  • Team work 
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Faith Sharing 
  • Decision Making
  • Guitar (optional)

Leave a certified Lakeside Leader! This means you’re qualified to return any future week this summer or future summers to serve as a support staff. Leaders also get priority access to summer staff applications before the general public.

By March 1st $480
After $530


We have removed our “specialty camps” and will now incorporate elements from previous specialty camps into 1 program that will be offered multiple times throughout the summer. 

Previous specialty camps were Creation, Adventure, Sailing, and Night Owls. 

Entering Fall of 24
10th-12th Grade

June 23-28 | July 21-26 | July 28-Aug. 2

Voyager Camp is for High school students who are looking for a great opportunity to unplug, connect with peers and creation, and really find out what they are capable of. Each day will have lots of opportunities for choosing adventures, growing independence, and developing life skills. This is one week and opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

Summer of 2025 we will be offering an offsite adventure camp to the boundary waters (or somewhere similar). We will only accept returning campers for PathFinders. 

There will be lots of opportunities for choosing adventures each day, growing independence, and lots of FUN!

By March 1st $430
After $480

Pride Week June 16-21

Entering 9th-12th Grade | By Feb. 29 $430; March 1 or after $480
Young Adults 18-35yrs old |
By Feb. 29 $330; March 1 or after $380
Families All Ages
| Prices vary based on housing 

LGBTQ+ members, allies and anyone who wants to celebrate this community and learn more about how the church is called to welcome these individuals while having a ton of fun outdoors is encouraged to attend. 

Campers will have opportunities for adventure, creation care, conversation, relationship building, crafts, and more! 

These campers are assigned to a cabin leader and will remain in the care of that leader for the duration of the week. Mornings will be age specific activities, and we’ll combine any high school students from the family campers for worship, games, adventures, and quest time. 
Afternoons will have a variety of activities around camp and fun cabin time adventures. 
Evenings will be time to build community among all the PRIDE Week campers with a large camp game, worship and fellowship. 

Young Adults will be housed together in Modern Lodging. They will be grouped into “Cabin Groups” and given staff for certain portions of their schedule. Mornings will be age specific activities, you’ll join the adults from the Family Campers. 
Afternoons will be free choice of camp activities. There is also a “cabin time” for some extra excitement. 
Evenings will be a time for the entire camp to build community with games, worship, and fellowship.

Families will be housed together and treated as a “Cabin Group” mornings will be age specific programming. Youth campers will join the other camper groups onsite and adults will join the other adults.
Afternoons will be filled with activities around camp for families to participate in together. 
Evenings will be a time for community. All campers will come together for worship, games, and fellowship. 

Family Camp​

All Ages Welcome 

July 7-12 (Full Week)
July 7-10 (Half Week)

Camp isn’t just for kids! Camp is for everyone: moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandbabies, siblings, and friends too! Family Camp is the perfect family vacation, where there is something for everyone: worship, sailing, swimming, ziplining, crafting, and more!

Mornings are spent in age specific groups. Adults have a faith based presentation followed by adult camp activities like sailing, boating, biking, painting, hiking, and more. Youth go with counselors to do bible study, activities, and more. 

The afternoon is a time for families to be together doing camp activities or going into town for fun. 

Evenings are time for the entire community to come together. We have large group games, activities, fellowship and worship. There is a variety of housing options from bringing your own RV, to rustic cabins, to our modern facilities.

Celebration Camp

Adults with varying abilities

July 14-17

Celebration Camp is a half-week of camp for adults with varying abilities. It is Lakeside’s mission to be a place of belonging for all people to find joy and purpose in God’s creation. All people, including people with intellectual disabilities, have different and unique abilities. These campers are people that God has given different and unique abilities to. At camp, we believe those are abilities worth celebrating. Come celebrate with us! Campers are housed in modern facilities. 


Campers must be ambulatory and continent.

By March 1st $350
After $380

Mission Trips

June 9-14 | June 23-28 | July 14-19 

July 21-26 | July 28-Aug. 2

Groups of adults and/or high school students are invited to the best service week ever! Enjoy comfortable housing, delicious meals, activities, worship, and down time in the local area. This week will provide not only much needed service to Lakeside, but will build community and connection among your group. We have service projects for all ages and abilities. Your group will coordinate with our staff to pick the right project(s) for your time at Lakeside. 

Please register as Volunteer/Mission Group under camp registration. 

$250 per person or $50 a day for partial weeks


We welcome parents, grandparents, family friends or others to attend camp for the week. Maybe you don’t want your camper to be alone so you or someone they know comes with. Maybe Grandma/Grandpa have the week and want to experience camp with their grandchild, maybe your camper has exceptional medical needs and you’d feel better being close. Whatever the reason is, you are welcome. 

We have many opportunities for individuals to get involved. It is important that campers still have their own space and opportunities so they can have the best possible camp experience. Adults stay in separate housing than campers. Adults enjoy meals and worship with the campers. Adults are given the camper’s schedule so you can witness them at the zip line or waterfront. We enjoy finding ways for the adults to have their own unique camp experience. After conversations we can find the best way for you to utilize your time.

Adults in the past have assisted in the kitchen, mowing, painting, office work, leading crafts, landscaping, and helping lead other activities. We only ask adults to do what they are comfortable with. If they will be leading activities with campers we do require a background check. You would register as a volunteer for the same week as your camper. You’d be housed in a modern facility with AC/Bedding/WIFI. 


$250 per person or $50 per day for partial weeks. 

*Previously called God’s Little Sprouts