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God's Little Sprouts

July 6-10

Lakeside is a place of belonging for all people, including God’s smallest creations. God’s Little Sprouts is a morning day camp for preschool-aged campers. Sprouts spend their mornings worshiping God, learning about our summer theme through games, nature, crafts, adventures, and stories, and making friends with other young campers. God’s Little Sprouts runs Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon. 

Cost is $85

3-5 Year Olds

Little Lakers

June 14-16; July 12-14; July 19-21; July 26-28

Formally known as Short Timers, Little Lakers is for our youngest overnight campers. Little Lakers jam all the fun of a full week of camp into a half week. This camp is perfect for young adventurers who aren’t quite ready to be away from home for a whole week yet. Little Lakers will either join a cabin of Juniors or bond with other Little Lakers in their own cabin while making friends, building confidence, and deepening their faith. Campers get picked up on Tuesday at 6:15pm. 

Cost is $220

Completed Grades 1st-3rd

Adventurers On Site Day Camp

June 15-19; July 13-17; July 20-24; July 27-31; Aug 3-7

 On Site Day Camp is the perfect place for a young person to spend their summer days, unplugged, enjoying the outdoors, challenging themselves, growing in faith, making friends, and still home for bed each night. Day campers are grouped in with all the other campers, they get a counselor, a cabin to keep stuff, and fit right into the community. They join in on all the day-time activities, including 3 meals, worship, bible study, canoeing, rock climbing, games, adventures, team building, and so much more!

Day camp runs Monday through Thursday 8am -6:15 pm Friday 8am-5pm

Come multiple weeks and get a $25 discount on all additional weeks! 

Cost is $180


Completed Grades K-5th


June 14-19; July 12-17; July 19-24; July 26-31

Juniors is a growing favorite at Lakeside. Grow in your faith, bond with your counselor and other campers, and explore the great outdoors through kayaking, hiking, campfires, and so much more! Junior campers have unique opportunities to challenge themselves, build confidence and independence while learning important skills like team building, communication, problem solving, and relying on God. 


Cost is $465


Completed Grades 3rd-5th

Wilderness Camp

July 12-17

Wilderness Camp is a great opportunity for outdoor explorers! Wilderness campers get a little closer to God’s creation in a week-long outdoor adventure. Wilderness campers get to cook one meal a day over a campfire, stay in our tree houses each night, and have the opportunity to go tent camping too! Our tree houses (three cabins on stilts) are off the grid without plumbing, with limited electricity, hidden back in the trees and trails of the Monson Woods. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, and adventure-seekers. Wilderness campers also enjoy all the Lakeside activities during the day, worships, and still participate in the all camp activities. 

Cost is $465

Completed Grades 3rd-5th

Junior High

June 14-19; July 19-24; July 26-31

Junior High Camp gives junior high students, the opportunity to enjoy all the excitement and adventures of Lakeside. Junior High campers get to be role models for younger campers while having mentors in our staff. This camp is a great way to spend a week of summer! Campers will challenge themselves, learn and grow, have fun, practice team building, communication, and experience the joys of worship, confidence-building, friendship-making, counselor-led bible studies, and faith formation.

Cost is $465

Completed Grades 6th-8th


June 14-19; July 19-24; July 26-31

Come join us for our most popular camp! Confirmation camp gives confirmation students the opportunity to explore their faith alongside other kids in confirmation, youth directors, and pastors. Pastors and youth leaders have an interactive roll during the week and experience camp alongside the campers while also having their own time to grow in their faith and relax in God’s creation. This week allows connections to be made between students and church leaders while also developing faith formation that extends back to confirmation in the church setting. 

Confirmation campers can come with a church group, pastor, youth director, or on their own. Anyone can sign up for confirmation camp and experience intentional Christian community while having a great time at camp. 

Pastors and Youth leaders are encouraged to visit while campers are on site even if it is just for one day. 

Cost is $465

Completed grades 6th-8th

Archery Camp

July 12-17

Be one of the first to try out our new archery course! Spend your week enjoying all the Lakeside classics with the additional, challenging art and sport of archery. Experienced archers will be your teachers and guides for up to 3 hours of daily sessions. Grow in your archery skills. Grow in your faith.

Cost is $465

Completed 6th-8th

Night Owls

July 12-17

Staying up late. Sleeping in. Night hikes. Late-night meals. Campfires. S'mores. Star-gazing. Midnight movies. What’s not to love? Plus, Night Owls still get to join in on the afternoon and evening activities like kayaking, rock climbing, worship, sailing, zip lining, bible study, and swimming! 

Cost is $465

Completed Grades 6th-8th

Wilderness XL

Aug 2-9

Have you attended Wilderness camp? Do you love the outdoors? Are you looking for an adventure that’s just a little more extreme? Join us for our first summer of Wilderness XL. Wilderness XL takes the adventure of Wilderness Camp to a new level. When you sign up for Wilderness XL, you are signing up for a week of tent-camping, outdoor cooking, fishing, hiking, environmental education, hammocking, and an off-site canoe trip!

Cost is $465

Completed Grades 6th-8th

Leadership Camp

June 14-19 Plus your pick of 1-2 weeks later in the summer

Formerly known as Wavebreakers, Leadership Camp is an opportunity for high school students to learn about themselves, leadership, working at camp, and God. During the first week of camp, Leadership campers will participate in sessions taken straight from summer staff training, and they will have the opportunity to step up as a leader in worship, group games, and mentor for younger campers. Leadership campers will be presented with a certificate of leadership at the completion of the week. Campers who earn this certificate will be invited back for a second week of camp, not as a camper, but as a volunteer. Volunteers are able to use their newly developed leadership skills to assist counselors and support staff in leading younger campers. This camp is particularly great for high school students who have a passion for camp and/or an interest in working at a camp or with youth once they are old enough. The volunteer week can also count towards service hours for honors programs at school.

Cost is $480

Completed Grades 9-12th


July 19-24

Maybe you had the opportunity to ride a sailboat during a previous week at Lakeside. Maybe you have no sailing experience. Maybe you’re an expert sailor. If you have a passion for the water, sailing camp is for you! In addition to all the camp classics, you will spend around 3 hours every day sailing under the direction of our Waterfront Coordinator. Not only will you get to ride a sailboat, you will get hands-on-experience in setting up and putting away sails, feeling the direction of the winds, and ultimately, sail your own boat! 

Cost is $465

Completed Grades 9th-12th

Creation Camp

July 26-31

Join us for the first ever Creation Camp! Creation Camp is for the artistically-inclined high school students. Spend a week honing your talent under the guidance of an expert in the area. Choose one path, two, or all three: painting, photography, and music. Painting will be led by a local artist, Avis Davis, who specializes in watercolor. Photography will be led by our very own photography intern, who will capture a variety of settings and skills, including indoor, outdoor, people, nature, lighting, editing, and so on. Music will be led by our Program Director, Paige McGrath, who studied percussion at the University of Northern Iowa. She will be focusing on the different styles of worship music, accompanying, and instrument making. If you will be bringing your own art supplies, camera equipment, or instrument, please note that during registration. At the end of the week, Creation campers will have the opportunity to share what they spent all week creating!

Cost is $465

Completed 9th - 12th grades

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